Terminal Servers and Thin Clients

Last Updated on 4 April 2009, Total: 12 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. How To Disconnect Terminal Server Sessions Using Command Line?

    This article explains a command you can use to disconnect the Terminal Server Sessions for a particular server remotely or on the servers mentioned in a text file... Read More

  2. Disabling Printer Mapping Terminal Services

    Terminal Services allows to ability to map printers from remotely connected clients into terminal sessions. Although this has its place, it may cause some problems. Here is how to stop it... Read More

  3. Putting the Crunch on Flaky Terminal Connections

    Flaky terminal server connections can cause a major headache. This article puts the crunch on that with a quick registry edit... Read More

  4. Keeping Terminal Server Connections Alive

    Connections to a Windows Terminal Server have a habit of being flaky when left idle for too long. Here is a quick remedy for that... Read More

  5. Enable Viewing of All Processes for Non-Administrative Users on a Terminal Server

    Terminal Servers typically only displays the processes for all users logged on to it to administrators. You can change that with a simple registry hack... Read More

  6. The Remote Desktop Console Option

    The Remote Desktop Client gives us the option to log into a terminal services enabled computer via the console. What does that mean to us?... Read More

  7. Setting up a VPN on the Go

    Setting up a VPN in Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP is something that is fairly easy to do in no time at all. Here is a no fluff guide on how to get it done... Read More

  8. Keyboard Shortcuts within Remote Desktop

    The various keyboard shortcuts used in Windows change when within a remote desktop window. Here is a list of the more common ones... Read More

  9. Using the Remote Desktop Client from the Command Prompt

    Running the remote desktop client from the command prompt can be very useful in the right situation. Here is how to do it…... Read More

  10. Saving on administration with Thin Client Computing

    A new tool allowing you to measure the savings incurred by converting PCs to thin clients... Read More

  11. Enabling Remote Desktop on a Remote Machine

    What if you want to use Remote Desktop on a server that's already off-site? Here's how to do it... Read More

  12. Can I convert existing PCs to thin clients?

    Yes you can. There is no need to have to buy thin client devices, you can simply convert old (or new) PC's to thin clients. The advantage of doing this is that you will significantly reduce management of these PC's. There are several solutions to convert PC's to thin clients:... Read More

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