1. TechNet webcast: Windows Server 2003 Security Guide

    63 mins - webcast will examine the recently released guide called Windows Server 2003 Security Guide and its companion guide, Threats and Countermeasures: Security Settings in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP . The new guides provide customers with detailed security guidance on Microsoft Windows Server 2003™ that is authoritative, proven, and tested. The guides are designed to empower users... Read More

  2. Technical Overview of Windows Server 2003 Security Services

    205 KB Microsoft Word file - 324 KB Microsoft Word file... Read More

  3. Terrific Resource for Windows Security Log

    Here's a terrific resource for the Security log that every Windows admin should know about... Read More

  4. The Power with Power Users

    The power users group is often misused and can lead to the compromise of a system. Here is why this can happen... Read More

  5. The right way to secure your network

    What's the right way to secure your network?... Read More

  6. Tool for slipstreaming patches

    It's not easy to slipstream a bunch of patches properly into Windows... Read More

  7. Top 5 Group Policy Links

    Five great resrouces with helpful information on Group Policy... Read More

  8. Troubleshooting WSUS

    How to troubleshoot WSUS when clients can't download and install patches... Read More

  9. Using Attack Surface Area and Relative Attack Surface Quotient to Identify Attackability of Windows Server 2003

    416 KB Adobe Acrobat file - In March 2003, Microsoft engaged the Security and Technology Solutions practice of Ernst & Young LLP to validate the Relative Attack Surface Quotient (RASQ) model developed by Microsoft, which quantifies the relative "attackability" provided by each of its operating system platforms. The model provides a methodology to compute the attackability of Microsoft Windows server... Read More

  10. Using Reservations to Ensure DHCP Server Availability and Security

    In high security environments you can use Reservations to ensure the security and availability of DHCP servers... Read More

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