1. Finding Significant Security Events

    How to sort the wheat from the chaff in Windows Security logs... Read More

  2. Audit Collection Services (ACS)

    Microsoft's Audit Collection Services (ACS) is coming soon to simplify collection and management of Security logs throughout your organization... Read More

  3. Gaps in Security Log

    You found a gap of several hours in your Security log, what does it mean?... Read More

  4. Managing Event Logs on Multiple Servers

    Tools for managing Event logs on multiple Windows servers... Read More

  5. Get the Latest ADM Files

    How to obtain the latest Administrative Template files from Microsoft... Read More

  6. Auditing Access to Sensitive Data

    How to see who's accessing sensitive files on a server... Read More

  7. Terrific Resource for Windows Security Log

    Here's a terrific resource for the Security log that every Windows admin should know about... Read More

  8. Auditing Group Policy Settings

    How to use the GPMC for auditing purposes... Read More

  9. Preventing Group Policy Workarounds

    A smart user who has local Administrator or Power Users privileges on their desktop computer may be able to circumvent Group Policy... Read More

  10. Group Policy Task Force

    Check out the work of the Group Policy Task Force... Read More

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