1. Don't Bother Deleting C$

    Why deleting the C$ share is not a good idea... Read More

  2. Enforcing Group Policy

    How to force Group Policy to apply even when users can override settings using local admin credentials... Read More

  3. Preventing Users From Circumventing Group Policy

    Given enough privileges, a user can often circumvent Group Policy restrictions. Here's what you can do about it... Read More

  4. Local accounts and Group Policy

    Group Policy can be a minefield and some policy settings are best left unchanged... Read More

  5. Adding Pop-Up Blocker Exceptions via GPO

    Occasionally there are sites that we as domain administrators need to allow pop-ups for across the board. This tip shows how to do this with Group Policy... Read More

  6. Checking Local Group Policy

    There may be times when you want to check the Local Group Policy Settings on a desktop machine... Read More

  7. Scanning network drives

    Is your network slow? It could be your antivirus program's fault... Read More

  8. Security Options Ignored

    Why are some Security Options in Group Policy not being applied?... Read More

  9. Why It's Hard to Harden Clients

    Servers are usually hardened--why not clients?... Read More

  10. A Common Misconception Regarding Security Logs

    Do domain controllers share security logs?... Read More

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