1. Exempting User Accounts from Domain Password Policies

    There's one exemption to how domain password policies are applied... Read More

  2. Securing your Event logs

    Preventing rogue administrators from tampering with Event logs... Read More

  3. Pre-staging computer accounts

    How to ensure client computers are not left in an unmanaged state after joining a domain... Read More

  4. Group Policy in mixed environments

    How to target Group Policy differently for different OSes... Read More

  5. How to prevent users from installing software

    Preventing users from installing software... Read More

  6. The Power with Power Users

    The power users group is often misused and can lead to the compromise of a system. Here is why this can happen... Read More

  7. Don’t forget to secure your UPS!

    Physical security for your servers may be useless if you don't secure your UPS also... Read More

  8. Eliminating Ping Responses from Secret Servers

    Ever have a server setup that you really don’t want people knowing even exists? Keeping it from returning ping responses is a great way to make it vanish... Read More

  9. Disabling LM Authentication

    Using strong passwords is useless if they are not encrypted properly. That’s why disabling LM authentication is important... Read More

  10. Logging Windows Firewall

    The built-in windows firewall won’t only stop unwanted traffic at your doorstep, it will log it too!... Read More

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