1. Encrypting the system volumes on a server

    Why encrypting the system volume on a server is usually not a good idea... Read More

  2. Pros and Cons of Disabling NTLMv1

    Is it a good idea to disable LM and NTLMv1 authentication on Windows networks and allow only NTLMv2 authentication?... Read More

  3. Disabling Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration

    Windows Server 2003 comes out of the box very hardened in some areas. One of these is through Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration. Here is how to disable it... Read More

  4. Find all encrypted files

    How to find all the EFS encrypted files on a machine... Read More

  5. Creating a password reset disk

    Creating a password reset disk... Read More

  6. Listening ports and services

    How to find what ports your server is listening on and which service is listening on each port... Read More

  7. Port 445 and trust creation

    How port 445 is used in trust creation... Read More

  8. Enabling Windows Firewall on domain controllers

    Steps for enabling WF on domain controllers... Read More

  9. Configuring Security for Server Based Printers

    Anytime you are using a printer in a large network environment you need to make sure it is securely distributed. Here we look at how to set security permissions on a server based printer... Read More

  10. Schema vs. Enterprise vs. Domain Admins

    Domain admins can basically do anything, anywhere in the forest... Read More

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