1. A Common Misconception Regarding Security Logs

    Do domain controllers share security logs?... Read More

  2. Adding Pop-Up Blocker Exceptions via GPO

    Occasionally there are sites that we as domain administrators need to allow pop-ups for across the board. This tip shows how to do this with Group Policy... Read More

  3. Audit Collection Services (ACS)

    Microsoft's Audit Collection Services (ACS) is coming soon to simplify collection and management of Security logs throughout your organization... Read More

  4. Auditing Access to Sensitive Data

    How to see who's accessing sensitive files on a server... Read More

  5. Auditing Group Policy Settings

    How to use the GPMC for auditing purposes... Read More

  6. Auditing on a per-user basis

    How to configure per-user auditing... Read More

  7. Be an example

    Want users in your company to follow the security policies and practices you lay down?... Read More

  8. Checking Local Group Policy

    There may be times when you want to check the Local Group Policy Settings on a desktop machine... Read More

  9. Comparing Two Group Policy Objects

    How to compare two GPOs and see how their settings differ... Read More

  10. Configuring Security for Server Based Printers

    Anytime you are using a printer in a large network environment you need to make sure it is securely distributed. Here we look at how to set security permissions on a server based printer... Read More

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