1. Netsh dhcp not working

    Have trouble running the netsh dhcp command to configure your DHCP servers?... Read More

  2. Backing Up DHCP

    There's an important difference in how W2K and W2K3 store DHCP information... Read More

  3. Group Policy in a Workgroup Environment

    Using Group Policy in a workgroup setting... Read More

  4. Understanding Site Links

    Site links can provide redundancy but not in the way you might think... Read More

  5. NETBIOS: Leave On or Turn Off?

    NETBIOS is supposed to be no longer needed since Windows 2000, but this is not really the case... Read More

  6. Managing Terminal Servers Using MOM and SMS

    166 KB Microsoft Word file... Read More

  7. Remote Administration of Windows Servers Using Remote Desktop for Administration

    177 KB Microsoft Word file - This white paper explores the design goals and implementation of Remote Desktop in Windows Server 2003, and explains how an enterprise can use this feature to remotely manage its Windows Servers from anywhere... Read More

  8. Session Directory and Load Balancing Using Terminal Server

    375 KB Microsoft Word file - This white paper discusses how to plan and deploy a load balanced terminal server farm using session directory, and how the session directory operates in a load balanced environment... Read More

  9. Technical Overview of Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services

    212 KB Microsoft Word file - The Terminal Services component of Windows Server 2003 builds on the solid foundation provided by the Application Server mode in Windows 2000 Terminal Services, and includes the new client and protocol capabilities in Windows XP. Terminal Services lets you deliver Windows-based applications, or the Windows desktop itself, to virtually any computing device, including those... Read More

  10. Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Capacity and Scaling

    469 KB Microsoft Word file - Microsoft Windows Terminal Server lets users run Windows®-based applications on a remote computer running one of the Windows Server 2003 family of operating systems. This white paper contains testing methodologies, results, analysis, and sizing guidelines for Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server... Read More

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