1. Can't Ping the Server

    Why you can't ping some Windows servers and how to fix it... Read More

  2. Using a Script to Add a Domain User to a Local Group

    There are sometimes situations when you need to be able to script the process of adding a domain user to a local group on a machine. Here is a script that will do just that... Read More

  3. Why do we still need WINS?

    Why do we still need WINS servers on AD networks?... Read More

  4. Managing Microsoft Office Applications with Group Policy

    In organizations where Microsoft Office is commonplace on workstations, the ability to manage settings within those applications can come in handy. I will show you how we can manage those settings via Group Policy... Read More

  5. Installing the Windows Server 2003 Network Monitor

    The Windows Server 2003 Network Monitor is a very useful tool for network monitoring and troubleshooting. Here is how to install it... Read More

  6. Disabling the WZC Service to Solve Random Wireless Disconnects

    It is not uncommon for users to report their wireless clients dropping connection at random times. Here is how to cure the most common cause of this... Read More

  7. Using Netsh to Backup and Restore Network Configuration

    When you change your network configuration often it may make the process more efficient to backup your commonly used network settings so you can restore them in a much faster process by using the Netsh utility... Read More

  8. Naming Network Connections

    Take a moment to name your network connections appropriately and save yourself time when troubleshooting later on... Read More

  9. Disabling Caching of Failed DNS Lookups

    How to prevent caching of failed DNS lookups from preventing you from having DNS name queries resolved... Read More

  10. Preparing for IPv6

    If you're not ready for IPv6 you may get left behind... Read More

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