1. Disabling Automatic Private IP Addressing

    APIPA is a great Windows feature, but there are some occasions when you may not want computers to use it... Read More

  2. Disabling Caching of Failed DNS Lookups

    How to prevent caching of failed DNS lookups from preventing you from having DNS name queries resolved... Read More

  3. Disabling network configuration settings using Group Policy

    How to disable network configuration settings using Group Policy... Read More

  4. Disabling the WZC Service to Solve Random Wireless Disconnects

    It is not uncommon for users to report their wireless clients dropping connection at random times. Here is how to cure the most common cause of this... Read More

  5. Domain Rename Tools

    link to download tools and 401K word document "Understanding How Domain Rename Works"... Read More

  6. Exporting DNS zone information

    How to expert your DNS zone info... Read More

  7. Geographically Dispersed Clusters in Windows Server 2003

    201 KB Microsoft Word file - This paper discusses multi-site network load balancing and server cluster configurations, along with how to deploy geographically dispersed clusters. Also covered are key server cluster features in Windows Server 2003... Read More

  8. Group Policy in a Workgroup Environment

    Using Group Policy in a workgroup setting... Read More

  9. How to choose a VPN auth protocol

    How do you decide which auth protocol to use on a VPN client?... Read More

  10. How to choose a tunneling protocol

    Which tunneling protocol should you use for VPN?... Read More

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