1. Authorized DHCP

    How to authorize DHCP for clients... Read More

  2. Avoiding Metabase Corruption

    IIS 6 on W2K3 has a new feature that helps prevent metabase corruption... Read More

  3. Backing Up DHCP

    There's an important difference in how W2K and W2K3 store DHCP information... Read More

  4. Can't Ping the Server

    Why you can't ping some Windows servers and how to fix it... Read More

  5. Changing Worker Process Identity in IIS 6

    In IIS 6 on W2K3, all worker processes run by default using NetworkService as their identity... Read More

  6. Configuring the DHCP Cleanup Cycle

    Configuring the DHCP Cleanup Cycle... Read More

  7. Copying a Web Server Configuration

    It would be nice if you could just copy the metabase file from one IIS box to another to make a clone of your web server... Read More

  8. Cut and Paste Virtual Directories

    It would be nice if one could cut and paste a virtual directory from one IIS website to another... Read More

  9. DHCP Reservations and Exclusions

    When configuring a DHCP server I have often seen people interchange the words reservation and exclusion. These are two incredibly different concepts... Read More

  10. Deleting files from network shares

    Deleting files from network shares... Read More

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