Which version am I running?

by Mitch Tulloch [Published on 24 May 2006 / Last Updated on 24 May 2006]

How to find the version of a program, OS or FPSE.

For most Windows programs, you can find out the version of the program you are running by selecting Help | About programname. This will generally also tell you the service pack level of the program as well. Here are some more "which version (and SP) am I running?" tips for you:

  • To find the version (and SP) of Windows you are running, open a command prompt and type ver
  • To find your version of Exchange, use Exchange System Manager, select Servers, and examine Server Version which is 6.0 for Exchange 2000 and 6.5 for Exchange Server 2003.  
  • For FrontPage Server Extensions, search your C: drive to see if you have either of the following files: fp4awel.dll (you have FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions) or fp5awel.dll (you have FrontPage 2003 SE or possible SharePoint if you have it installed).

Mitch Tulloch
MVP Windows Server

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