Last Updated on 31 May 2009, Total: 66 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Correcting Corrupted Performance Counters

    The performance log can sometimes become corrupted on a Windows Server. This is how you correct it... Read More

  2. Defragmentation and Shadow Copies

    How to make defragmentation work properly with shadow copies enabled... Read More

  3. Detecting RAID controller cards during Setup

    Troubleshooting USB floppy drive issues that cause text mode Setup to fail... Read More

  4. Determining Processor Architecture

    How to determine your processor architecture from Windows... Read More

  5. Determining system up time

    How to find the up time for a system... Read More

  6. Dumping group memberships

    A useful tool for dumping groups and membership info... Read More

  7. Enhance Performance by Moving the Pagefile

    Boost performance by moving your pagefile to a separate volume... Read More

  8. Extending basic disks

    How to extend a basic disk if you have hardware RAID that supports it... Read More

  9. Finding and deleting zero sized files

    Cool command-line trick for finding and deleting bogus files... Read More

  10. Forcing Group Policy Updates Locally

    When testing Group Policy settings, being able to force a policy update can be very convenient. This can be done with the gpupdate command... Read More

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