Consolidating file servers

by Mitch Tulloch [Published on 30 Nov. 2005 / Last Updated on 30 Nov. 2005]

Save money by consolidating your file servers.

Server consolidation can improve your company's bottom line by reducing hardware and licensing costs and making better use of existing resources. If you have several file servers on your network, why not consolidate them onto a single machine?

A good tool for consolidating Windows file servers is the Microsoft File Server Migration Toolkit (FSMT)available from the Microsoft Download Center. Using the DFS Consolidation Root Wizard, which is included in this toolkit, you can quickly and easily migrate your existing file servers to a single box while maintaining all your old UNC paths so clients won't need to be touched during the migration.

Well, not quite--you may need to touch your clients if they have persistent drive mappings defined on them, unless these mappings are created using logon scripts in which case you're OK.

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