1. Pruning Old Computer Accounts in AD

    In large organizations the task of keeping Active Directory cleansed of inactive computer accounts can be daunting. Here are a few ways to ease the process... Read More

  2. Configuring FTP user isolation with AD integration

    Great little tool for configuring FTP user isolation with AD integration... Read More

  3. Using a Batch File for Resetting Domain Passwords

    Occasionally someone in your organization will need to be able to reset passwords of others without having access to active directory. This can be achieved with a simple batch file…... Read More

  4. Launching Control Panel Apps from the Command Line

    How to launch Control Panel apps from the command line... Read More

  5. Launch Admin Tools from the Command Line

    This list of .msc files will help you run admin tools from the command line... Read More

  6. Admin Command Console

    I run my main workstation as an ordinary domain user, but I frequently need to perform administrator tasks with it too... Read More

  7. Avoiding Group Policy Bloat

    How to save disk space on SYSVOL when you have lots of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for your domain... Read More

  8. When Delegation Doesn't Seem to Take

    Sometimes you delegate a task to a user, and then later on they can't perform that task. Why?... Read More

  9. Consolidating file servers

    Save money by consolidating your file servers... Read More

  10. File server performance

    How to prevent Shadow Copies from becoming a bottleneck on file servers... Read More

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