Creating Dummy (Test) Users

by Mitch Tulloch [Published on 20 March 2008 / Last Updated on 20 March 2008]

How to create a bunch of dummy or test users quickly in Active Directory.

Occasionally when testing a prototype Active Directory environment, you may need to create a large number of dummy domain users for testing purposes. You could go through the pain of creating a CSV file and using LDIFDE to create them, but here’s a much easier way. Simply use the FOR command together with DSADD to create users named user1, user2, user3 and so on. For example, to create 100 dummy users in the Vancouver OU of the domain, run the following at a command prompt on your domain controller:

for /L %d in (1,1,100) do dsadd user cn=user%d,ou=Vancouver,dc=contoso,dc=com

Alternatively, you can replace % with %% and run the command within a batch file:

for /L %%d in (1,1,100) do dsadd user cn=user%%d,ou=Vancouver,dc=contoso,dc=com


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