Active Directory

Last Updated on 3 Feb. 2010, Total: 37 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Authoritative vs. Non-Authoritative Restoration of Active Directory

    It is the absolute worst case scenario possible; your domain controller has crashed. So what type of restore do you do?... Read More

  2. How to change membership in groups based on attributes of users in AD automatically

    If your company has a complicated structure, you may need to filter members of your security or distribution groups automatically based on changes to some attribute of users in Active Directory – let's say Department... Read More

  3. Avoiding Legacy Built-in Groups

    How you can avoid using legacy built-in groups to grant admin-level privileges... Read More

  4. Who's logged on?

    How to tell who's currently logged on to an Active Directory domain... Read More

  5. Managing SRV Records in DNS

    Tip for troubleshooting SRV records... Read More

  6. Quick tips on troubleshooting FSMO roles

    Here are some tips on troubleshooting FSMO roles... Read More

  7. When to use and not use universal group membership caching

    This tip explains when to use and not use universal group membership caching... Read More

  8. More Grace Period for Restoring Active Directory

    Watch those tombstones when restoring Active Directory from backup--but there's less worry if you have Service Pack 1 installed... Read More

  9. Avoid Overuse of Protected Groups

    protected groups, user rights, PDC Emulator... Read More

  10. Enabling Caching of Universal Groups

    How to enable caching of universal groups in Windows Server 2003 and why this is useful in branch office scenarios... Read More

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