Active Directory

Last Updated on 3 Feb. 2010, Total: 37 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Prevent accidental deletion of OUs

    Trying to prevent accidental deletion of OUs... Read More

  2. Editing the DNS Root Hints Files

    DNS Root Hints are essential for the location of records that takes place during DNS recursion. Here are a couple of quick tips regarding DNS Root Hints... Read More

  3. Missing Delegation tab

    Why the Delegation tab might be missing... Read More

  4. Finding schema differences

    How to find schema differences between two forests... Read More

  5. Using AGPM for Advanced Group Policy Delegation

    Microsoft’s AGPM tool is a great way to have an extra layer of security when managing group policy on your network... Read More

  6. Preventing Orphaned GPO’s

    When you remove a computer from a domain there are a few steps you should take to ensure that its GPO settings are removed properly as well... Read More

  7. Forcing Group Policy to Run at Startup

    Group policy can be quirky in the way it runs at startup, often taking two or three reboots before it actually applies to a machine. Here we are going to look at the cause of this and how to fix it... Read More

  8. Active Directory replication in a multilingual environment

    Active Directory replication in a multilingual environment... Read More

  9. Get control of your severs using Startup/Shutdown Script

    In many situations we need to reset the Local Administrator password and add Domain Admins to the Local Administrator group on a server or client machine without visiting each machine. If you don’t know the password and don’t have access to the severs, you can run this simple script as a Startup/Shutdown script in conjunction with Group Policy... Read More

  10. Forcing Active Directory Replication

    There may be some instances where you need to force replication between active directory replication partners. Here I will show you one method of doing this... Read More

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