Active Directory

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  1. Finding and Fixing Duplicate SIDs on the Network

    Duplicate SIDs on the network can cause all types of problems. Why would we have duplicate SIDs and how to we correct it?... Read More

  2. Finding global catalog servers

    How to find all GCs in a domain... Read More

  3. Finding schema differences

    How to find schema differences between two forests... Read More

  4. Forcing Active Directory Replication

    There may be some instances where you need to force replication between active directory replication partners. Here I will show you one method of doing this... Read More

  5. Forcing Group Policy to Run at Startup

    Group policy can be quirky in the way it runs at startup, often taking two or three reboots before it actually applies to a machine. Here we are going to look at the cause of this and how to fix it... Read More

  6. Get control of your severs using Startup/Shutdown Script

    In many situations we need to reset the Local Administrator password and add Domain Admins to the Local Administrator group on a server or client machine without visiting each machine. If you don’t know the password and don’t have access to the severs, you can run this simple script as a Startup/Shutdown script in conjunction with Group Policy... Read More

  7. How To Force Users To Log On To The Domain?

    This article explains a mechanism you can use to force client computers to log on to the domain... Read More

  8. How to change membership in groups based on attributes of users in AD automatically

    If your company has a complicated structure, you may need to filter members of your security or distribution groups automatically based on changes to some attribute of users in Active Directory – let's say Department... Read More

  9. Introduction to Windows Server 2003 Active Directory in Application Mode

    368 KB Microsoft Word file : white paper introduces a new capability in the Microsoft Active Directory service: Active Directory in Application Mode (AD/AM)... Read More

  10. Managing SRV Records in DNS

    Tip for troubleshooting SRV records... Read More

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