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  1. Auditing Access to Sensitive Data

    How to see who's accessing sensitive files on a server... Read More

  2. Auditing Group Policy Settings

    How to use the GPMC for auditing purposes... Read More

  3. Auditing on a per-user basis

    How to configure per-user auditing... Read More

  4. Authoritative vs. Non-Authoritative Restoration of Active Directory

    It is the absolute worst case scenario possible; your domain controller has crashed. So what type of restore do you do?... Read More

  5. Authorized DHCP

    How to authorize DHCP for clients... Read More

  6. Automatic Updates for Servers?

    Should the Automatic Updates (AU) feature be used to keep your servers patched?... Read More

  7. Automating Disk Defragmentation

    Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 both include a new way to invoke the Windows defragmenter via the command line. This allows for easy automation of this task... Read More

  8. Avoid Overuse of Protected Groups

    protected groups, user rights, PDC Emulator... Read More

  9. Avoiding Group Policy Bloat

    How to save disk space on SYSVOL when you have lots of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for your domain... Read More

  10. Avoiding Legacy Built-in Groups

    How you can avoid using legacy built-in groups to grant admin-level privileges... Read More

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