Windows 2003

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  1. Authorized DHCP

    How to authorize DHCP for clients... Read More

  2. Maximum size for Event logs

    Maximum size for Event logs... Read More

  3. Listening ports and services

    How to find what ports your server is listening on and which service is listening on each port... Read More

  4. Missing Delegation tab

    Why the Delegation tab might be missing... Read More

  5. Finding schema differences

    How to find schema differences between two forests... Read More

  6. Deleting files from network shares

    Deleting files from network shares... Read More

  7. Finding and deleting zero sized files

    Cool command-line trick for finding and deleting bogus files... Read More

  8. Packet Sniffing on a Switched Network

    Packet sniffing is one of the best ways to analyze network problems. Unfortunately, doing this on a switched network can be a bit tricky... Read More

  9. Maximum number of services

    How to see if you are hitting the limit for number of services on a server... Read More

  10. Dumping group memberships

    A useful tool for dumping groups and membership info... Read More

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