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  1. Pros and Cons of Disabling NTLMv1

    Is it a good idea to disable LM and NTLMv1 authentication on Windows networks and allow only NTLMv2 authentication?... Read More

  2. DynamicSiteName and SiteName – Which site a client computer belongs to?

    If you are troubleshooting a client computer which always communicates to a domain controller in different site, you should look at the two registry entries explained in this article. This article applies to Windows 2000 and Windows XP... Read More

  3. Checking the Location of Domain FSMO Roles

    Here is a quick tip to finding out where the FSMO roles for a domain are located... Read More

  4. Using WSUS on a Server with Limited Disk Space

    Most administrators are under the assumption that you need a great deal of free disk space to take advantage of WSUS. This isn’t always the case... Read More

  5. Uninstalling WSUS

    One common problem you may encounter with WSUS is when you go to uninstall it. WSUS has a nasty habit of simply not uninstalling correctly. Here is a quick way to remedy this... Read More

  6. Fix a Stalled WSUS Update Service

    I’ve heard many people complain about not being able to install WSUS because the service just won’t stay running. This is an easy fix... Read More

  7. Missing Computers in the WSUS Console

    One of the more frustrating problems I have run into when deploying WSUS is when computers simply do not show up in the console. Here is the most common solution to this problem... Read More

  8. Simplifying Quota Management with Quota Templates

    Disk Quotas are a great way to manage physical disk space, but managing them can become cumbersome. Quota templates are a good way to help with this... Read More

  9. Sysprepping and VM Additions

    Sysprepping virtual machines that have VM Additions installed... Read More

  10. Disabling Printer Mapping Terminal Services

    Terminal Services allows to ability to map printers from remotely connected clients into terminal sessions. Although this has its place, it may cause some problems. Here is how to stop it... Read More

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