RegVac - Eight Tools to Clean your Registry

by Wayne Maples [Published on 20 April 2004 / Last Updated on 20 April 2004]

Super Win Software has released the shareware registry utility, RegVac which is a set of 8 tools to clean the Win9x, ME, NT, W2K and XP registry. The tools are:
  • Classes Vac
    Similar to RegClean, Classes Vac cleans the Classes section of the registry.
  • Stash Vac
    The registry is littered with history lists, recent lists, and tips. This tool removes 27 of the most common stashes and allows you to add the location of more stashes.
  • Software Vac
    The largest part of the registry is the Software section. This tool searches through the Software section and finds keys that may be left over from long deleted files.
  • File Lists Vac
    They abound all through the registry, references to files that no longer exist. This vac finds them and removes them.
  • Add/Remove Editor
    This is actually the popular program, Add/Remove Pro. It checks your Add/Remove Programs list for programs that have already been deleted and allows you to uninstall programs, remove entries, and test entries.
  • System Configuration Utility
    This is a neat little Windows utility otherwise known as msconfig.exe. RegVac will open it for you. One disadvantage of this utility is that it does not actually remove entries from the registry. It only disables them. RegVac will remove entries disabled by msconfig.
  • OpenWith Editor
    Lists the extensions that are configured through the Open With... dialog box in Windows and allows you to remove them.
  • Bad FileName Finder
    Looks from one end of the registry to the other for references to files that do not exist on your computer. It then allows you to check and remove any of the bad entries.
  • Robo Vac
    One click of the button cleans up to four sections: Classes, Software, Stash, and File Lists. Robo Scrubber can be set up to run on startup daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • Undo It from the Vac Bag
    If you want to undo something, the Vac Bag allows you to restore all registry settings removed by RegVac. These Vac Bags may also be restored outside of RegVac. The RegVac can also delete Vac Bags that are over a week old.
You can download Regvac and try it for 30 days free. See Registry Book Recommendations for a complete list of recommended texts.

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