Registry Tools

Last Updated on 3 Oct. 2008, Total: 6 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. A Quick Tip To Fix The Blank Windows Screen

    This article explains a quick fix you can use to solve the issue with Windows blank screen... Read More

  2. Block Write Access To Run and RunOnce Registry Entries.

    Blocking write access to Run and RunOnce registry entries for malware or other unwanted programs running in the system... Read More

  3. How to break into registry to explore HKLM\\SAM and HKLM\\SECURITY keys?

    This article explains how you can use Psexec.exe to execute registry editor to explore SAM and SECURITY registry hives... Read More

  4. Dureg.exe: Registry Size Estimator

  5. RegVac - Eight Tools to Clean your Registry

  6. Scan Code Mapper for Windows 2000

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