Windows 2000 Explorer Shell Options

by Wayne Maples [Published on 20 April 2004 / Last Updated on 20 April 2004]

Auto restart Explorer if it crashes; block open windows being restored at reboot; force taskbar / desktop / explorer to separate processes link to NT4 tip - Windows 2000 compatible Index, Tips for Windows NT Administrators, Tips for Windows NT workstation users, book recommendations for nt admins and nt users on topics such as administration, nt domain, remote access, security, integration, backup and restore, basics, dns, event logging, logon administration, iis, mcse, routers, intrusion detection, hacking, windows2000, nt2000, performance tuning and monitor, windows scripting, perl, windows resource kits, troubleshooting problems, server and tcp/ip. There is also an extensive set of links to Windows NT resource sites found elsewhere on web with a focus on Windows NT Security Guidelines, security scanners, newletters, windows nt faqs, windows nt tutorials, windows nt whitepapers, windows nt security sites, windows nt software - freeware and shareware sites.

The Explorer shell registries of Windows NT and Windows 2000 share most in common. This tip points to tips in my Windows NT registry section which have been updated to note the compatibility between these two version of NT.

Create separate threads for Explorer
Prevent Explorer from restoring open apps at reboot
Automatically restart Explorer if it crashes

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