Last Updated on 20 April 2004, Total: 19 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. BIOS Data in the Registry

  2. CD Rom Autorun

  3. Cached Logon Hashes

  4. Do not use the comprehensive search-based method when resolving shell shortcuts (.lnk)

  5. Enable Verbose Global Policy Logging

  6. Group Policy Registry Table

    Group Policy uses Group Policy Objects in Active Directory, and affects computers and users by adding, deleting, and changing the values of entries in the registry. This table displays the Group Policy settings in the Administrative Templates folder and the registry entries that they change... Read More

  7. Logon Banner - Displaying Warning Message

  8. Manage boot volume space consumed by Windows 2000 Windows File Protection dllcache

  9. Modify the Default Group Policy Refresh Interval

  10. NetBIOS Scope ID All Uppercase in Windows NT 4.0

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