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4 Event log
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11 Restriction
  1. Windows NT/2000 Hide "Map Network Drive" and "Disconnect Network Drive"

  2. Disable the Windows Key

  3. Hidding Explorer's Context Menus

  4. Windows 2000 Explorer Shell Options

    Auto restart Explorer if it crashes; block open windows being restored at reboot; force taskbar / desktop / explorer to separate processes link to NT4 tip - Windows 2000 compatible Index, Tips for Windows NT Administrators, Tips for Windows NT workstation users, book recommendations for nt admins and nt users on topics such as administration, nt domain, remote access, security,... Read More

  5. Registry hacks to turn-on verbose GPO logging

  6. Disable Windows 2000 / XP command promt and execution of batch files

  7. Windows 2000 Services error message control

  8. Windows 2000 Registry Size Limit (RSL)

  9. Active Directory Schema Update Allowed

  10. Do not use the comprehensive search-based method when resolving shell shortcuts (.lnk)

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