1. Remove Administrative Shares

    Windows creates hidden Administrative Shares at the root of each drive and to the system root folder to allow administrators to remotely access the data. If a server or workstation will not be administered remotely or has no need for the Administrative Shares though, they should be removed so that they don't provide a potential attack vector for a hacker... Read More

  2. Restricting Concurrent Logons

  3. SSH / SCP for Windows NT / W2K / XP

  4. Securing Windows 2000 Communications with IP Filters: Part Two

  5. Securing Windows 2000 Communications with IP Security Filters: Part One

  6. Securing Windows 2000 Network Resources Scenario Guide

  7. Security Communications, Windows 2000 and the OSI Model

  8. Setting up Windows 2000 Radius to authenticate wireless 802.1x clients

    How to set up RADIUS on Windows 2000 so you can autheticate wireless clients... Read More

  9. System Scanner for Windows

  10. Tokenmon monitors NT and Windows 2000 logon/logoff and security privilege token creation/deletion

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