1. RFC1034 : Introduction to the Domain Name System (DNS)

  2. RFC1035 : Domain Name System (DNS) Implementation and specification

  3. RFC1185 : TCP Extension for High-Speed Paths

  4. RFC1186 : MD4 Message Digest Algorithm

  5. RFC1309 : Technical Overview of Directory Services Using the X.500 Protocol

  6. RFC1777: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

  7. RFC1779: A String Representation of Distinguished Names

  8. RFC2044: UTF-8, a transformation format of Unicode and ISO 10646

  9. RFC2052: DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV)

  10. RFC2136: Dynamic Updates in the Domain Name System (DNS UPDATE)

  11. RFC2137: Secure Domain Name System Dynamic Update

  12. RFC2251: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3)

  13. RFC822 : standard name format

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