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  1. Decreasing the Size of VHD Files by Disabling the SFC

    Virtual Hard Disk files can become incredibly large in size depending on there function. This simple trick will help you shrink them a bit... Read More

  2. Updating Virtual Machine Additions

    Virtual Machine Additions greatly improve the performance of any virtual machine. However, we must not forget to update them from time to time... Read More

  3. Automated Auditing in a Windows 2000 Environment

  4. ADSI Edit

  5. Directory Services Store (dsstore)

  6. Enable/disable disk performance counters

  7. Implementing Common Desktop Management Scenarios

  8. HIbernation vs Standby Mode in Windows 2000

  9. Windows 2000 breaks the 26 drive letter limitation

  10. APCI PCI sharing - IRQ 9 is used by the PCI bus for IRQ steering

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