Disk Quota "Gotchas"

by Mitch Tulloch [Published on 8 March 2005 / Last Updated on 8 March 2005]

Some things to watch out for when configuring disk quotas on Windows servers.

Services like IIS can fail if they have no room for writing their log files. Printing can also fail since the print spooler folders reside on the system volume. Even administrative tools like Computer Management may not start if the TEMP folder has no room to grow. Worst case, the operating system could grind to a halt if there is no room for the pagefile to grow. So be careful when setting disk quotas on volumes used by these services. Also, don't set hard quotas on the system or boot volume or some applications may fail, particularly if you install them using an account that doesn't have administrative privileges. And don't modify the default quota entry setting of No Limit for special identifies like NT_AUTHORITY\SYSTEM, otherwise you may not be able to log on afterwards.

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