File Systems

Last Updated on 18 March 2005, Total: 11 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Create, Resize, Merge and Convert partitions without destroying data

  2. Disk Quota "Gotchas"

    Some things to watch out for when configuring disk quotas on Windows servers... Read More

  3. Disk Quota Tricks

    Want a quick hard-copy report of quota usage on a volume?... Read More

  4. Disk Quotas

  5. Inside Win2K NTFS

  6. More Disk Quota "Gotchas"

    Users need to know how the Recycle Bin applies to quota-enabled volumes... Read More

  7. NT / Windows 2000 NTFS Permissions Gotcha!

  8. Outlook 2000 Disk Space

  9. Still More Disk Quota "Gotchas"

    Understanding the default quota notification time interval can help you interpret disk quota Event log messages... Read More

  10. Which version of NTFS am I running?

  11. Windows 2000 Supports Large Hard Drives

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