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  1. Clusters, Guidelines for Deploying Exchange 2000 Clusters

  2. FAQ, Exchange 2000 FAQ

  3. Foreign characters appear as question marks when sent from OWA

    Exchange 2003 supports OWA interface in different languages. When using Internet Explorer 5 and above, the Language settings of Internet Explorer is sent to the OWA server which is turn changes the OWA interface to the matching language... Read More

  4. Hosting Multiple Virtual Organizations with MS Windows 2000 and MS Exchange 2000 Server

  5. Hosting, Exchange 2000 Server Hosting Guide

  6. Migration, Exchange 2000 migration dos and don'ts

  7. Migration, NetIQ's Definitive Guide to Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 Migration

  8. Mount/Dismount/Delete a Mailbox Store from the Command Line

    This is a VBScript which I wrote. It allows you to mount/dismount/delete a store at the command line, so you can do an offline defrag, etc... Read More

  9. Prevent Exchange Log volume from running out of space

    Have you ever arrived at work to find the backup hasnt run over the weekend, the logs volume is out of space, and the Storage Group is off line? This little batch file will prevent this from happening by NTFS compressing the oldest logs until the free space is at an acceptable limit to run a backup... Read More

  10. SP2, What's New in Exchange 2000 SP2

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