1. ArGoSoft Mail Server

  2. Blat sends plain text files or binary files encoded in base64 or uuencode

  3. Exchange, NetIQ's Definitive Guide to Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 Migration

  4. IA Email Server

    Commercial <li>Anti-Spam features <li>Virus Scanning support <li>Corporate Policy Rules for incoming and outgoing messages <li>Multiple Kick Options <li>Mailing list options <li>Denial of Service attack prevention <li>Relay Mailboxes <li>ETRN / ATRN SMTP store and forward support <li>Multi-IP SMTP / POP3 service support <li>Support for multiple Homed domains... Read More

  5. IIS supports Simple Mail Transport Protocol

  6. Inetserv

    freeware STMP/POP3/Finger server... Read More

  7. Inframail

    commercial email servers for any size organization... Read More

  8. Ipswitch's Imail Server

    commercial web-enabled, secure and spam-resistant mail server for Windows... Read More

  9. MDeamon Mail Server

    Commercial <li>AntiVirus Plug-in <li>Content Filter Processing <li>LDaemon LDAP Server Support <li>IMAP4 support <li>Public Folders <li>Custom Mail Queue Support <li>Automatic Gateway Creation <li>Multiple Domain Support <li>Server-Side Mail Filtering <li>Mailing Lists <li>Integration with Outlook <li>Account Restrictions <li>List Pruning <li>Inactive Account and Old Mail Purging <li>NT Account Integration <li>Account Templates <li>Account Editor <li>Update Checker <li>Reverse Lookup Verification <li>Domain Gateways <li>On-Demand Mail Relay (ATRN)... Read More

  10. Merak Mail Server

    Commercial <li>Full multi domain support <li>Security, anti spam and anti relay, antivirus options <li>Mailbox options <li>TCP/IP Protocols - SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/HTTP <li>Proxy Server <li>TLS/SSL - Secured SMTP and POP3 transfers <li>Mailing lists, list servers, executables, routes <li>ODBC support <li>Multiple CPU Support <li>Server, user, domain statistics <li>Content Filters <li>Web, command-line and GUI remote administration <li>Web mail and WAP mail support... Read More

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