Last Updated on 20 April 2004, Total: 13 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Active Registry Monitor for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000

  2. Apmstat.exe utility diagnoses Advanced Power Management

  3. Application Security Tool (AppSec.exe)

  4. Delsrv.exe

  5. DeviceLock

  6. Disk imaging using Windows 2000 Sysprep : System Preparation Utility

  7. EasyRecovery FileRepair repairs and restores corrupted Microsoft® Office files

  8. Identify systems cloned with the Sysprep utility

    Move user profiles with MOVEUSER, W2K Resource Kit utility... Read More

  9. RegDACL - DACL Manager for Windows 2000 Registry keys

  10. Scripting Toolkit : Win32 utilities to make scripting a bit easier

  11. TechNet Webcast: Basic Parts List for Building System Admin Scripts

  12. Windows Management Instrumentation WMI

  13. X-Setup powerful system tuning utility

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