Active Directory Remote Admin Scripts

by Wayne Maples [Published on 20 April 2004 / Last Updated on 20 April 2004]

The Windows 2000 Resource Kits include vbs scripts to aid in Active Directory remote administration. They include:
  • chkusers.vbs : searches a domain for a user with specific properties or attributes.
  • createusers.vbs : create new users.
  • group.vbs : returns list of the groups contained within a specific domain.
  • groupdescription.vbs : returns description assigned to a specific group.
  • listdcs.vbs : returns list of all domain controllers in a domain.
  • listdomains.vbs : returns list of all domains in a namespace.
  • listmembers.vbs : returns list of all members of an Active Directory group.
  • listprinters.vbs : returns list of all printers and their properties for a specified server.
  • modifyldap.vbs : control LDAP admin policies.
  • modifyusers.vbs : modifies multiple user accounts on a domain or system.
  • schemadiff.vbs : compares schema between two forests.
  • systemaccount.vbs : returns config info for system account on a system.
  • useraccount.vbs : returns info contained within a user account.
  • usergroup.vbs : add or remove multiple users from a group.

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