A Quick Tip To Update Group Policy Settings On Remote Computers

by [Published on 16 Oct. 2008 / Last Updated on 11 July 2008]

This article explains a single command you can use to update the Group Policy settings on remote computers. Please note this applies to Windows 2000 Computers only!

Windows 2000 ships with a command line tool to refresh the Group Policy settings on a local computer. But what if you need to refresh Group Policy settings on 100 Windows 2000 machines? You either need to create a script to do so or visit each computer individually. To eliminate this, you can use the below steps to accomplish the task:


  • Create a Text file named Servers.txt
  • Paste all the computer names in txt file.
  • Run the following commands from a Windows 2000 computer:

To refresh user policy: 

  • Psexec.exe -@Servers.txt secedit.exe /refreshpolicy user_policy

To refresh machine policy

  • Psexec.exe -@Servers.txt secedit.exe /refreshpolicy machine_policy

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