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  1. Enable Security Event Logging

    Installing an alarm system on your home or car can be an effective way of at least being alerted when some sort of intrusion has been attempted. Of course, they don't work very well when they aren't enabled. Windows XP comes with the means to detect and log security events so that you can monitor and respond to intrusions or... Read More

  2. VMWare Problem When Saving Large Files

    When saving a file to a Windows Server 2003 host share from a VM running a Windows OS, a message from `Srv' 2025 `The server has detected an attempted Denial-Of-Service attack from client \\\\*name*, and has disconnected the connection' is logged, where *name* is that of said VM. The VM at the same time logs a redirector error and usually... Read More

  3. Migrating printers in Windows 2000

    Ever wanted to replace that aging print server in the corner? Here's how... Read More

  4. Putting Automatic Private IP Addressing to Work

    Since the release of Windows 98, Microsoft's operating systems have, by default, supported Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA)--but how do you take advantage of it?... Read More

  5. Adding / Removing Windows 2000 Components

  6. Repair the Icon Cache in Windows 2000 and earlier

  7. Active Directory Naming Standard

  8. Step-by-Step Guide to Distributed File System (Dfs)

  9. Technet CD Product key for 120 day evaluation

  10. Configuring Windows 2000 Professional to Work in a Peer-to-Peer Workgroup

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