Windows 2000

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  1. Still More Disk Quota "Gotchas"

    Understanding the default quota notification time interval can help you interpret disk quota Event log messages... Read More

  2. More Disk Quota "Gotchas"

    Users need to know how the Recycle Bin applies to quota-enabled volumes... Read More

  3. Disk Quota "Gotchas"

    Some things to watch out for when configuring disk quotas on Windows servers... Read More

  4. Foreign characters appear as question marks when sent from OWA

    Exchange 2003 supports OWA interface in different languages. When using Internet Explorer 5 and above, the Language settings of Internet Explorer is sent to the OWA server which is turn changes the OWA interface to the matching language... Read More

  5. Remove Administrative Shares

    Windows creates hidden Administrative Shares at the root of each drive and to the system root folder to allow administrators to remotely access the data. If a server or workstation will not be administered remotely or has no need for the Administrative Shares though, they should be removed so that they don't provide a potential attack vector for a hacker... Read More

  6. Windows 2000 ERD and Recovery Console

  7. Enable Security Event Logging

    Installing an alarm system on your home or car can be an effective way of at least being alerted when some sort of intrusion has been attempted. Of course, they don't work very well when they aren't enabled. Windows XP comes with the means to detect and log security events so that you can monitor and respond to intrusions or... Read More

  8. VMWare Problem When Saving Large Files

    When saving a file to a Windows Server 2003 host share from a VM running a Windows OS, a message from `Srv' 2025 `The server has detected an attempted Denial-Of-Service attack from client \\\\*name*, and has disconnected the connection' is logged, where *name* is that of said VM. The VM at the same time logs a redirector error and usually... Read More

  9. Set i386 Source Path

    Get rid of an annoying message when you try to add or remove Windows components... Read More

  10. Migrating printers in Windows 2000

    Ever wanted to replace that aging print server in the corner? Here's how... Read More

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