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  1. XP only remembers 400 folder settings

  2. XP registry values to tune EFS caching

  3. XP schtasks commandline utility replaces AT.exe

  4. XP's IE Keyboard Shortcuts

  5. Xwindows mouse functionality

    NT support for mouse Xwindows autoraise and snapto functionality... Read More

  6. You cannot relocate the Windows directory

    An explanation of why Windows must always be installed in the Windows directory in Windows Vista and later... Read More

  7. You should run CHKDSK

  8. You should run CHKDSK

    Run CHKDSK to keep your workstation running smoothly.Waynes NT Resources is Windows NT support site with an extensive Windows NT Registry Index, Tips for Windows NT Administrators, Tips for Windows NT workstation users, book recommendations for nt admins and nt users on topics such as administration, nt domain, remote access, security, integration, backup and restore, basics, dns, event logging, logon... Read More

  9. Zip Files Downloaded with Internet Explorer Are Not Saved to Your Computer

  10. Zip Files Downloaded with Internet Explorer Are Not Saved to Your Computer

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