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  1. DelGuest - deletes the built-in Guest account in Windows NT

  2. IA Email Server

    Commercial <li>Anti-Spam features <li>Virus Scanning support <li>Corporate Policy Rules for incoming and outgoing messages <li>Multiple Kick Options <li>Mailing list options <li>Denial of Service attack prevention <li>Relay Mailboxes <li>ETRN / ATRN SMTP store and forward support <li>Multi-IP SMTP / POP3 service support <li>Support for multiple Homed domains... Read More

  3. ArGoSoft Mail Server

    freeware STMP/POP3/Finger server... Read More

  4. Filewatch.com notifies you when vendors have updates

  5. Disable Alt+Tab

  6. Driver Hell

  7. DNSSEC resources

  8. Centralized tracking and management of printing in NT networks.

  9. Allow Print Operators to add a printer

  10. Backup the Windows NT Registry

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