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Last Updated on 28 July 2015, Total: 3006 Knowledge Base Tips

3006 Windows Server 2008/2003/2000/XP/NT Administrator Knowledge Base
449 Windows 2000
367 Windows 2003
264 Windows 7
58 Windows 8
845 Windows NT
293 Windows Server 2008
132 Windows Server 2012
153 Windows Vista
444 Windows XP
  1. Q308424: Use Disk Management to Configure Dynamic Disks in Windows XP

  2. Creating a bootable Windows XP SP1 CD (Easy CD Creator)

  3. Enable Windows XP Sound Scheme

  4. Number of buttons supported on mouse

    Mouse support in NT for mice with multiple buttons... Read More

  5. NT Contains File System Tunneling Capabilities

  6. TCP Port Numbers

  7. Repair XP's IE

  8. DNSLint can verify DNS records

  9. Microsoft's Windows XP Technical Resources

  10. Registry Tip : DNS server may stop resolving domain names for which it is not authoritative.

    DNS Server May Write Back Incorrect Root Hints, NS and A records... Read More

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