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2988 Windows Server 2008/2003/2000/XP/NT Administrator Knowledge Base
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367 Windows 2003
261 Windows 7
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845 Windows NT
288 Windows Server 2008
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153 Windows Vista
444 Windows XP
  1. Number of buttons supported on mouse

    Mouse support in NT for mice with multiple buttons... Read More

  2. Troubleshoot Problems with Standby Mode, Hibernate Mode, and Shutdown in Windows 2000

  3. Add Command Prompt to folder context menus

  4. NT Contains File System Tunneling Capabilities

  5. Disable "Click Here to Begin" start banner

  6. Maximizing Availability on the Windows Server 2003 Platform

    207 KB Microsoft Word file - This article examines the five components of the Microsoft strategy for helping customers maximize solution availability with Windows Server 2003. The strategy encompasses verifying operating system reliability during the Windows engineering process, understanding the causes of downtime, deploying new features and product enhancements that reduce downtime, providing mission-critical capabilities and services, and delivering prescriptive... Read More

  7. A look at sessions

  8. Repair XP's IE

  9. Bart's PE Builder

  10. How to Import a Third-Party Certificate into the NTAuth Store

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