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  1. MDeamon Mail Server

    Commercial <li>AntiVirus Plug-in <li>Content Filter Processing <li>LDaemon LDAP Server Support <li>IMAP4 support <li>Public Folders <li>Custom Mail Queue Support <li>Automatic Gateway Creation <li>Multiple Domain Support <li>Server-Side Mail Filtering <li>Mailing Lists <li>Integration with Outlook <li>Account Restrictions <li>List Pruning <li>Inactive Account and Old Mail Purging <li>NT Account Integration <li>Account Templates <li>Account Editor <li>Update Checker <li>Reverse Lookup Verification <li>Domain Gateways <li>On-Demand Mail Relay (ATRN)... Read More

  2. How to Delete Corrupt Event Viewer Log Files

  3. Active Directory Schema Update Allowed

  4. Disable changes to the desktop toolbars

  5. Enable Quick Edit Mode in Windows 2000 Command Shell

  6. MSDN Webcast: Building Reliable Web Applications on Windows Server 2003

    106 minutes - you will learn how to fully leverage the new reliability and management features in IIS 6.0. We’ll also explore IIS 5.0 compatibility mode and configure a poorly behaved unmanaged C++ ISAPI web application to automatically recycle to maintain availability while it is rewritten in managed code. We’ll learn how to programmatically modify the XML Metabase or recover... Read More

  7. MSDN Webcast: UDDI on Windows Server 2003

    86 minutes - In this intermediate session, you will learn how UDDI is used as a directory and discovery service for XML Web Services. We’ll dig into how XML web services can be published and located through both the UDDI Web interface, and through the UDDI API in Windows Server 2003. We’ll explore some more advanced features of UDDI by... Read More

  8. Logon scripts - Troubleshoot Local Logon Scripts

  9. How to Determine Whether a Client Is Connected by RAS or LAN

  10. MSDN Webcast: Using Authorization Manager on Windows Server 2003

    83 mins - In this advanced session, we will learn how to leverage the Authorization Manager API that’s built into Windows Server 2003 to control access to resources and limit the tasks that a user can perform. We’ll write code to perform dynamic access checks on specific tasks. We’ll compare and contrast controlling authorization via a custom-built SQL scheme and... Read More

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