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  1. IIS supports Simple Mail Transport Protocol

  2. Anonymous User Connections

  3. Set Accessibility Features for People Who Are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing in Windows XP ( Q308897 )

  4. IA Email Server

    Commercial <li>Anti-Spam features <li>Virus Scanning support <li>Corporate Policy Rules for incoming and outgoing messages <li>Multiple Kick Options <li>Mailing list options <li>Denial of Service attack prevention <li>Relay Mailboxes <li>ETRN / ATRN SMTP store and forward support <li>Multi-IP SMTP / POP3 service support <li>Support for multiple Homed domains... Read More

  5. AutoDeFrag lets you schedule defragger built into Windows 2000

  6. Windows XP Professional Resource Kit Documentation Online

  7. IIS Web Server Resources and Tips

  8. IIS supports Simple Mail Transport Protocol

  9. Application Autostart

  10. How to Debug a User Mode Crash Dump with Windbg

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