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  1. How Do I Modify The W2K Startup Logo?

  2. NetOp Remote Control for Windows

  3. Control Applets - Run at commandline or call in batch file

  4. Using the Delegation of Control Wizard, Step-by-step

  5. DNS Namespace: Create a Child Domain in Active Directory and Delegate the DNS Namespace to the Child Domain

  6. No hard drive detected during Windows NT install

  7. HOW TO: Create and Delete Hidden or Administrative Shares on Client Computers

  8. Best Practice Methods for W2K Domain Controller Setup

  9. New system events in NT4 SP4

    New system events in NT4 SP4 to assist administrators to measure the reliability and availability of Windows NT. Save Dump events now mandatory... Read More

  10. Q164501

    NT, W2K, and XP uses the KnownDLLs registry entries to search for either 32-bit or 16-bit DLLs when loading the DLL. For 32-bit DLLs the KnownDLLs registry entry only affects the search for implicitly loaded DLLs. For 16-bit DLLs the KnownDLLs registry entry affects the search for both implicitly and explicitly loaded DLLs. If you incorrectly include a DLL name... Read More

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