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  1. Using reg query to determine build number

    A tip on how you can use a registry query to determine the build number of a Windows Server installation... Read More

  2. Using server groups

    A tip that tests your knowledge concerning why should you create server groups using Server Manager... Read More

  3. Using site-linked GPOs

    Group Policy Objects can be linked to domains, OUs and sites, but when might you want link a GPO to a site?... Read More

  4. Using smart cards with Windows 7

    Describes the additional steps sometimes needed for using smart cards with Windows 7... Read More

  5. Using text-to-speech in Microsoft Office

    A tip on how you can use text-to-speech in Microsoft Office... Read More

  6. Using the All Users profile

    Let all users on a machine access a shortcut by using the All Users profile... Read More

  7. Using the DHCPLOC Utility

    The DHCPLOC utility can come in handy in a variety of situations. Here are some of those... Read More

  8. Using the Default Users profile

    How to customize the Default Users profile... Read More

  9. Using the Delegation of Control Wizard, Step-by-step

  10. Using the Employee-ID attribute in Active Directory

    Using the Employee-ID attribute in Active Directory... Read More

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