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Last Updated on 24 July 2014, Total: 2916 Knowledge Base Tips

2916 Windows Server 2008/2003/2000/XP/NT Administrator Knowledge Base 24 July 2014
449 Windows 2000 22 Oct. 2009
367 Windows 2003 19 July 2011
261 Windows 7 9 Oct. 2013
42 Windows 8 24 July 2014
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444 Windows XP 8 June 2011
  1. Considerations when importing virtual machines

    This tip describes some things to consider when importing virtual machines on Hyper-V hosts... Read More

  2. Display the current date and time using PowerShell

    How to find the current date and time by using Windows PowerShell... Read More

  3. Use PowerShell to find application log errors

    How to use Windows PowerShell to find the two most recent errors from the application log... Read More

  4. Preventing problems before they occur

    A tip on how to prevent problems on your Hyper-V hosts before they happen... Read More

  5. Installing features on Windows Server

    A tip on when you might want to use the Add Roles and Features wizard instead of Windows PowerShell for installing features on Windows Server... Read More

  6. Installing management tools on Server Core

    A tip on installing management tools on Server Core machines used as Hyper-V hosts... Read More

  7. VSS for SMB File Shares

    A tip on how to use VSS for SMB File Shares functionality in Windows Server 2012... Read More

  8. Security for Hyper-V hosts

    A tip about what you can do to help ensure your Hyper-V hosts are secure... Read More

  9. Managing Hyper-V on different Windows Server versions

    A tip on how to manage Hyper-V on different Windows Server versions... Read More

  10. How to clear the Command History in PowerShell window session

    Tip explains how to clear the command history from the current PowerShell Window session... Read More

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