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Windows XP Task Manager

When you like to check, whether a program running on your system has stopped to work
("program is hanging") or if you like to get a quick overview on the system usage, you can use
Task-Manager :

Press CNTRL-Alt-Delete (at the SAME time) and select from
the pop-up window "Task Manager" or right-click on an
unused part of your task-bar and select "Task Manager"
Tab : Application

All programs and windows opened
by the user will be listed here, with
the indication in the status, if they are
working properly ("running") or
stopped improperly
(Status : "not responding" ).

You can use the button "End Task"
to terminate programs not responding
tab : Processes

All programs , either started by the
user or by the system itself, which
also include system processes, like
handling printer queues
I suggest to select from the menu :
View / Select Columns... :

and activate the display of
"CPU Time": it will show you, if any
program or process is mis-behaving
and using up CPU time.

Note : usually, the "System Idle
Process" should have the highest
time usage: If there is nothing else
to do, the system will keep itself busy
running the Idle-process
tab : Performance

The system will display the usage of
the CPU
( " how busy is the system ? " )
and the memory usage.

You should check that the memory
usage is never coming close to the
Limit of the Virtual Memory, defined
by the size of the Paging File.

If you are using a lot of programs
simultaneously, you may need to
increase the size of the Paging File
(or better :
install more physical memory chips !)

tab : networking

will show for each network adapter
the utilization of the network.
This is only a rough overview of the
network usage, for a more detailed
network utilization use the
Performance Monitor.

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