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Windows XP Configure Modem Internet Connection

Before connection to the Internet using the just defined modem dial-up connection, you should
verify the configuration values of your connection :

To check a connection, select from the
menu: Settings / Network Connections.

You can also select in the Control-Panel :

Network Connections
or (if you have the Classic Desktop):
right-click on "My Network Places" and
select "Properties"
Click on the right side in the
category "Dial-Up" on your
Modem connection, that will
change the menu for
"Network Tasks" on the left
Select on the left side from the
"Network Tasks" to
"Change settings of this

You can also right-click on the
modem connection and select to
display the "Properties"
tab : General

Allows you to define/modify the phone number.
by default, it will NOT use dialing rules, so you need
to define the number with all required prefixes-codes
(like "0" or "9" to first get outside lines)
tab: Options

You can control, what is displayed during the
connection process.

You configure here also the options for redial
and the "Idle Timeout": the time of the connection
NOT been used, causing then the system to
terminate the connection, to hang-up.
tab: Security

for connections to the Internet, use Typical.

Some Internet Provider require to use a script
during the connection. If that is required and the
script is NOT included with Windows XP, you first
should copy the script provided by your ISP to
C:\windows\system32\ras,and then select here to
"run the script"
tab: Networking

by default, "File and Printer Sharing" is NOT selected
to prevent access from the Internet to your system.
If you like to share your disk/files with somebody
coming in from the Internet, you need to place the

For the connection with some ISP's, it is required
to define some "Properties" of the TCP/IP protocol.
most ISP's will assign all required TCP/IP
values to your system during the connection
process via DHCP.
But some require to define manually the definition
of the DNS-servers. Please, follow for this the
instructions provided by your ISP.
tab : Advanced

Windows XP includes a Firewall, to prevent
un-wanted access from the Internet to your system.
Use it by default.

You can also activate here the sharing of this
Internet Connection with other systems on your
local network.
More info on this Windows XP Firewall.

You are ready to
make the connection via modem to the Internet.

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